Site works

Woolworths will shortly commence works to tidy the site and remediate local contamination from the previous service station operations, which is known to have operated at the site until 1980. There is soil contamination from underground fuel storage and asbestos is also likely in the remaining building.

The full scope of these works include:

  • Demolition of the existing building
  • Removal of old fuel infrastructure
  • Hazardous materials removal, including asbestos
  • Excavation and stockpiling of material
  • Hardstand removal
  • Backfilling any excavations and levelling the site.

These works will be undertaken in accordance with all applicable Council and Queensland Government regulations for the management, storage and transportation of hazardous materials. When the works have been completed the site will be turfed and fenced.

Appointment of contractor

Woolworths has appointed Enviropacific to safely complete these works, as they have extensive expertise and experience in remediation works.

Impact mitigation

Due to the operation of machinery and nature of the works, there may be times of additional noise, however Enviropacific will seek to limit disruption and impacts to surrounding residents and businesses. We appreciate the understand and patience of near residents during the delivery of these works.


The remediation works are expected to commence in mid-May 2023 and be completed in July this year, depending on progress and weather.

Future notification

Our contractor will advise near residents about the specific timing of these works and expected work hours closer to the start date.

Contact details for more information about the works will be included within this notification.